Days of Blood is an action game set in the medieval times. Slash and Stab your enemies while protecting the girl you are trying to save from being killed by a group of Satanic monks which are about to start a ceremony and drain all her blood to feed their evil lord.

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You can download the game also, but it wont save highscores or medals:

icon_windows Download for Windows: (~19Mb )

blueg_icon_mac Download for Mac: (~25Mb)



[UPDATE] [V14] 25.sep.012
*Added QUALITY button. Suggested by a few people, triggered by Skrulz-The-Young.
*Line of 9 enemies spaced out a bit. [suggested by Ryuzaki999]
*BUG fix, intro's dead monks disapeared after restart. [spotted by me]
*Change: changed the sword indicator from text to an icon when it's on the floor.
[MIXED PATCH] [V13] 24.sep.012
*BUG Fix: enemy dont chase player if player teleports. [spotted by sargon9prod]
*Blood Optimized to avoid lag.
*Sword Indicator added to help people find it on floor.
*Wave generation fix, to avoid unfair surrounded scenario.
[UPDATE] [V12] 24.sep [suggested by jackelinblack]
*Added TAUNT action to rush enemy waves. Pressing W.
*Added kick-back action if enemies comes from behind and you turn arround.
*Added Epic Kill Combo sounds.
*Now if you lose all your lives, press A and start again.
*Normal time between waves increased (use taunt to rush them)
[BUG FIX][V11] 22.sep.012
*Fixed bug introduced while applying patch V10. The die screen didn't disapeared after death in some occasions. And key binding was firing to early... Fixed. 
Sorry for that, to the people that spotted it!! :(
[PATCH] [V10] 22.sep.012 - [suggested by ojibwa]
*When you die, you now have to press a key rater than clicking on the CONTINUE and QUIT buttons. Now click A to continue, and S to quit.
[BUG FIX] [V9] 22.sep.012 - 
*The highscore wasn't being saved when the game was beated. Fixed. 
*Compensation: If someone who has previously beated the game opens the game (doesnt matter if he/she plays or not), it will save 666 as score in case it wasn't saved in the highscore previously. This is to compensate for this error to the past winners who figure in the leaderboard with less than 666 points, so they can enjoy leading the scoreboard as they should.
[PATCH] [V8] 21.sep.012 - [by popular demand]
*Added PAUSE option during gameplay. Pressing P.
*Added -Epic Medal- If you beat the game without dying once. [suggested by hipparata]
*Added -Awkward Moment- Medal.
[BUG FIX] [V7] 20.sep.012 - [ spotter: Chickenx5 ]
*Sword attack sometimes fires 2 times in a row for no reason. Fixed. Now it should behave as espected.
[BUG FIX] [V6] 19.sep.012 
*Fix BUG generated while doing V5. I noticed right after i uploaded the file U_U sorry if anyone noticed this which was blocking the game completely. I freaked out lol.
[MIXED FIXES] [V5] 19.sep.012
*BUG fix: reported by Fooliolo: You can't play the game again after you have won it before. Fixed.
*Added posibility to skip the in-game intro dialoge.
*Shortened a little bit the range of the sword because is was too easy for my taste.
*Added a message in the versioning control system, so the users sees a message telling him to redirect to the latest version because in some game portals, the native Newgrounds API.loadOfficialVersion() wasn't working, dont know why.
[MIXED FIXES] [V4] 19.sep.012
*Added tips in the loading screen to make it less annoying to wait the loading time.
*Added a small slide effect on the knight when he hits while running, to help it feel more fluid.
*Score now is only made by the kills. Because i didn't noticed that the NG scoreboard only saves Integer values, i was using floating values.
[GAMEPLAY FIX] [V3] 19.sep.012
*RANGE of attack increased!
*Sword attack time normalized (all have now the same duration)
*A little delay was added between waves.
*2 seconds delay at the very start of the game, to allow player to setup.
[BUG FIX] [V2] 18.sep.012 -- [ spotter: mumblz87 ]
*The counter doesn't reset itself after restarting the game. Fixed!


screenshots of the game


– Single-player

Days of Blood is an action “slash and stap” type of game. It’s a Defense game in the sense that you can’t run arround and do whatever you want, you have something to protect, a girl that is tied to a stone table. You move using the arrows keys and attack with the classic “ASD” combination of keys:

  • “A” for sword attack,
  • “S” for shield attack (my favourite) and
  • “D” for throwing the sword as a proyectile.

The enemies appear randomly from the left and from the right. To kill them, you have to know when to use each attack, since you can’t always use one type of attack of you will fail. The “sword throw” attack allows you to hit the enemy when this is far away from you but you dont have time to run towards him. The “shield attak” is usefull when you dont have your sword (because you throw it). And the “sword attack” is the default 3 hits combo type of attack.

The game ends when you kill 666 enemies , if you ran out of lives (you start with 6 lives) or if the girl dies.


– Setting

The game is set in the medieval times between the 9th and 15th centuries, when the Feudalism was the main political structure.  In the game’s storyline, there was a war between many landloards and only one survived, a lord called “The Dark Lord” by the people. His role is not fully developed in the story, but he is suposed to be a satan’s fanatic. Executing dark magic on himself, he managed to find a way to cheat death and to gain super-human powers by drinking the blood of live virgin girls. He used capture once in a while a virgin female from his lands and kill her to advance his transformation from a human to a beast. At the time of the gameplay, the Dark Lord is still incomplete and needs one more girl to fully evolve into a daemon.

– Characters

There are 3 characters in the game. The main character is the Knight, which is controlled by the player.  Then there’s the girl, which is an NPC that can be attacked by the enemy and must be protected by the player. And finally, there’s the Evil Monk, which is the main enemy of the game.

At the end of the game the Dark Lord appears in the ending cutscene.

– Plot

The games opens with a small introductory narration of the situation and thens continues with a turn based dialoge between the main characters of the game, in a clasic RPG style, when the Knight (the payer) enters the room in which his girl was being prepared for the ceremony that was meant to kill her.

This girl captured was a girl that the hero of the story was starting to meet and felt in love, so when he heard of her capture, he revealed against his lord and decided to go rescue her, without caring about his own life. He will do everything for her.

Once he entered into the castle, he arrived just before the ceremony started, and since then, his entrance altered the entire castle which was prepearing for the ceremony. From that moment, his only way out will be to kill everyone.


 – Production

The game was developed and designed by Pablo Bandin and it was first released in September 18, 2012. This was my 4th game ever made, but it was the first in which i tried to do something else than a remake of a classic arcade puzzle game.  Also, in this oportunity, i tried also to add the collaboration of other people besides me, in this case, for the voices of the character, i were lucky enough to find a group of very talented amateur voice actors to add a little bit of life to the otherwise muted characters.

Initialy i was going to develop a Tower Defense game, but i ran out of the time i allowed myself to use for a proyect so i had to make a last time changes in plans and find a solution to allow me to get a finished game in the timeframe i was set for me. Since the gameplay is very simple, i put a lot of effort in the graphical aspects of the game and in the animations.

– Technology

I used Flash CS5 with Actionscript 3 for developing this game for the web platform. Photoshop for the image editing and composing. And Audacity to edit the sounds that the voice actors sended to me.

I didn’t used any framework for the game, everything was coded from scratch. But for the score system and medals system i used the Newgrounds API. The game is 704×396 pixels in size. And it’s set at 26 FPS.

– Voice Actors

Knight: voice by David Czerkies
Girl: voice by Adoxographist
Evil Monk: voice by Punkmetalguy31
Narrator: voice by Jakandratchedguy


The game was first released in September 18, 2012 in the Newgrounds portal.