[SOLVED] Unespected File Format: Broken FLA

So i was working on a bug fix for Days Of Blood and then i hitted save like i normally do when i do a change… flash took more tan usual to save and then the computer freezed and restarted itself!!

After i turned back on and tried to open the file i got: “Unespected file format”… i went nuts, freaked out!
Googled arround the solutions…I tried the solution of converting it to a RAR file and trying to fix it… didn’t worked… nothing worked…

And then, i went to this path:
C:\Documents and Settings\{YOUR_USER}\Local Configuration\Application Data\Adobe\Flash CS5\en_US\Configuration

There i found a file called: TMP2n2naavfjn.fla, that was my last opened file, the one before the save was done. I copied it to another folder, renamed it, and place it back were the old broken fla was, opened it, and everything worked perfectly, compiled the swf without any problem.

I found 2 files, but i located the broken one because i recognized the size in bytes.

What did i learned: never, NEVER, work with only ONE copy of a fla for your proyect… ALWAYS backup your FLA files.
Saving is not enough…

I was lucky this time. This will never happen to me again.

I even started to think about using the new XML format that CS5 brings?

Anyway, i hope this helps someone arround the web.