Making Dreamweaver CS5 read SCSS as CSS

I’m using SASS to edit my CSSs and Dreamweaver read scss as plain text, so for enabling css syntax you must follow this steps:

C:/Documents and Settings/ ... etc ... /Adobe/Dreamweaver CS5/ %lang% /Configuration/Extensions.txt
C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5/configuration/Extensions.txt

Open thouse 2 files and change “CSS:Style Sheets” to “CSS,SCSS:Style Sheets”.

Then go here:

C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5/configuration/DocumentTypes/MMDocumentTypes.xml

Search for “css” and add this, winfileextension=”css,scss:

	<documenttype id="CSS" internaltype="Text" winfileextension="css,scss" macfileextension="css,scss" file="Default.css" writebyteordermark="false" mimetype="text/css" >
			<MMString:loadString id="mmdocumenttypes_30" />
			<MMString:loadString id="mmdocumenttypes_31" />