Jquery ui-effects-wrapper residual

Well today i got a weird problem with jquery creating lots and lots of div.ui-effects-wrapper all over the place, after a google search i found the solution within a few minutes BUT i will post the solution here to increase the posibilities to other users to find an answer on a google search.

I was applying an effect to some divs BEFORE i change them from one container to another, so the “residual” div was being created in the first container and then affter the effect was done jquery couldn’t find the div in the new container, leaving the residual div.

the solution was simple, apply the effect AFTER moving the div to it’s final container.

ABSTRACT: this issue appears to happen when some effect ends and the div was changed from his original container div.  Jquery must do something like  affecteddiv.parent().find(‘.ui-effects-wrapper’).remove()