Unity3D Rocks!

Well as a flash developer at first i was scared (?) by this monster that was starting to brind really cool 3d to the web browsers, but after i downloaded it and saw the integrated editor and the smooth workflow that it has i was blown away. In no time i had a simple FPS up and running folowing the tutorials. Also, the greatest thing of all: you can use Javascript to code! yeyy! you dont have to learn any new language! also the way in which you import assets is ridiculously easy! we are talking about a drag and drop operation! what!?

And the main issue that is always a probem… animated characters. Well, it is so simple! you just make your model in the 3d studio and animate it and you’re done! you have all your animations inside Unity3d and you can label the frames, create animation clips! it’s AMAZING!

After you’re done, this baby plays in the browser at a very fast FPS! And… it can go FULLSCREEN!! yeah!

Once thing is for sure, this will take all my free time for a looong time xD